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DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos Statement on Shooting of Environmental Conservation Officer James Davey

ECO James Davey

The following is a statement from New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos regarding the shooting of Environmental Conservation Officer James Davey.

"On the evening of November 29, 2016, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officers James Davey and Lieutenant Liza Bobseine were investigating reports of potential illegal hunting activity in the Town of Gallatin in Columbia County when officer James Davey was shot. Officer Davey underwent extensive surgery at the Mid-Hudson Hospital to repair damage from the gunshot wound and is in the Intensive Care Unit in stable condition. I had the chance to meet Officer Davey's wife Nancy, a Forest Ranger at DEC, and other family members last night who were appreciative of the outpouring of support from the DEC family.

"Lieutenant Liza Bobseine who was on patrol with Officer Davey investigating the incident is credited with saving Officer Davey's life for her quick and heroic actions in the field. Lt. Bobseine was able to quickly apply a compress to the wound while calling for support and keeping the suspects under control 1/2 mile into a field. It's clear that if it were not for her actions, officer Davey would not have survived. I commend the two officers for their courage in the line of duty and thank them for their dedicated service. Our thoughts and prayers are with the wounded officer and his family."

An investigation led by New York State Police from the Livingston barracks determined that Alan Blanchard, 55, of Gallatin, was responsible for the accidental shooting due to reckless conduct. Blanchard was arrested for Assault in the 2nd degree, a class D felony, arraigned in the Town of Livingston Court, and remanded to the Dutchess County Jail in lieu of no bail. He is scheduled to reappear in the Town of Livingston Court on Dec. 8 at 7 p.m.

ECO Davey, 39, is a 12-year veteran of the force, having graduated from the DEC Basic Police Academy in 2005. He is currently assigned to patrol Columbia County. Officer Davey is a Division of Criminal Justice Services-Certified Police Instructor, having recently become a Certified Firearms instructor for the DEC. He is married to a DEC Forest Ranger, Nancy Davey.

The above article was released by the NYDEC. 

I would also like to add that James and Nancy are close personal friends and I can tell you, after visiting James that he is indeed in for a long and exhausting recovery.  During this time, they will incur many expenses that will not be covered by insurance.  There are two possible ways to help James and Nancy.  Please consider making a donation to these funds and make mention that you are a member of NYB.  I know I can count on all of you to do what you can.  Both James and Nancy are avid bowhunters and protectors of the land and wildlife we hold so dear.  Thank You!

Bob Ledrich

You can send your donations to:

NYCOA Relief Fund Attn:

ECO James Davey, 1475 Bowen Rd. Elma, NY 14059      Or…


Pope and Young Club Appoints Merritt Compton as New Conservation Chair

Chatfield, MN - Merritt Compton of Trumansburg, New York, has been named Conservation Chairman of the Pope and Young Club. Merritt succeeds Denny Ballard as the Pope and Young Club's Conservation Chairman. Sadly, Mr. Ballard had to step down due to health concerns. Merritt has been a dedicated bowhunter for over 40 years and has bowhunted from Newfoundland to Alaska, across 23 states and 3 continents. He has been a member of the Pope and Young Club since 2000, served the New York Bowhunters in multiple capacities and currently operates his own archery shop.

"I'm very happy to announce Merritt as our new Conservation Chairman of the
Pope and Young Club," said Jim Willems, Pope and Young Club President.
"Our conservation program has been a vital part in our efforts to ensure
bowhunting for future generations and Merritt will do an outstanding job. While we're proud to have Merritt on board we are equally sad to see Denny Ballard step down because of health concerns. Denny will be missed and we wish him well."

As Conservation Chair, Merritt will provide leadership over the Club's Conservation, Education and Outreach Program, working closely with the Executive Director to ensure maximum resource potential of this vital Club program. Each year, the Pope and Young Club conducts various fundraisers to support the Conservation, Education and Outreach Program and its grant-funding process. The Club administers these grants and, upon approval of the Conservation Chair and Committee, successful applicants receive money to support their pro-hunting or wildlife/habitat based project, program or study, which is intended to "protect the future of our bowhunting heritage and promote the conservation and welfare of habitat and wildlife."

"Without question, the Pope and Young Club is THE organization that represents the finest bowhunters across North America," said Merritt Compton, the newly appointed Conservation Chairman for the Pope and Young Club. "Over the last decade, I have witnessed a great movement within our Club to become a leader in Conservation. Thanks to dedicated bowhunters and Club members, we have raised more than 1 million dollars for our educational, outreach and conservation projects. However, our work is far from done and we can't do it alone. I feel there are ties that need to be made with our state organizations, industry, and within the Club membership itself. We are facing many challenges in today's society that directly impact bowhunting: the anti-hunting movement, our hunting image, and issues of ethics and fair chase. However, if we work together and bring these concerns to the forefront, we can make a difference. For future generations of bowhunters...we HAVE to make a difference. I hope to do all I can to help lead the Club's Conservation Program to new heights of success for us all."

The Pope and Young Club is a non-profit North American conservation and bowhunting organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of our bowhunting heritage, hunting ethics and wildlife conservation. The Club also maintains the universally recognized repository for the records and statistics on North American big game animals harvested with a bow and arrow.

Antler Restriction Update – Spring 2016


Over the past few months NYB has had several meetings with DEC officials. One of the major topics has been a request to lift the “no buck rule for first two weeks” in the 12 WMUs that the restriction was in place. Although no definite decision has been made at this time for the 2016 season, we remain hopeful that NYB has been heard.

As far as the Antler restriction (three on a side) rule. The DEC has analyzed their extensive hunter opinion survey and the results have led them to leave all current policies in effect. Those WMU’s that currently have the three on a side rule will remain in effect, but there will not be expansion of that policy into other areas at this time. The DEC plans to undertake a hunter awareness program whereby they will educate hunters towards the value of passing up yearlings on a voluntary basis (not mandatory). Data shows that the NY hunting community is already taking less yearling deer each year and the DEC will encourage that trend. Although this issue may be revisited in the future, the DEC prefers to keep management policies in effect for approximately five years before considering changes. This is their preference, but if you have thoughts on this or any DEC policies, NYB recommends you continue to let the DEC know via written communication.




2017 NYB Youth Camp Announcement


The NYB Youth Archery Camp program is provided at no cost to any boy or girl in New York State between the ages of 11 through 15. To date, NYB has hosted more than 1800 young people in an effort to secure the future of bowhunting in New York. Camps may span two or three days depending on Region. Some offer an option to sleepover, others require daily drop off and pick up. All food, lodging (where applicable), equipment and related materials are provided by NYB. Experience is not necessary and equipment will be provided to campers who do not already have their own gear. Campers who do have their own archery gear are encouraged to bring it to camp with them. In those camps that do provide a sleepover, both male and female chaperones are present throughout the weekend however we encourage any parents who would like to attend camp to do so. (Campers in these camps need to provide their own sleeping bags, pillows, towels and personal effects)


NYS certified Bow Safety Instructors are present and as part of the curriculum, the bow safety course is given during the camper’s stay.  On the last day of camp, campers typically take their NYS bowhunter certification course, which will allow them to purchase their NYS bowhunting license when they reach 12 years of age


In addition to covering the mandatory training necessary for the NYS bowhunter certificate, all camps include extensive field lessons covering tree stand use and safety, blood trailing/tracking.

Other activities will be covered as well, depending on time available. Although these activities may vary slightly amongst the five Regions, youths can expect some of the following:

  • Archery lessons, including practice and shooting games.
  • Arrow and (or) bow building
  • Turkey hunting seminar
  • Using scents and lures
  • Compass and map reading



Since camp is for both girls and boys, we sometimes experience some friendly competition amongst the sexes. We typically have several girls who attend each camp and they often turn out to be the best shots and game trackers in camp. We have also had campers who were not interested in bowhunting at all but just wanted to learn about archery. Whatever a camper’s interest may be, we’ll find a place for them at camp.


For over twenty years, NYB’s youth camp program has been put on by the most dedicated archers in New York. These generous people who annually donate their time, want to see our great sport passed on to future generations where it will continue to grow and prosper for all to enjoy.


If you have an eligible youngster that is interested in attending, or simply want more information, please contact one of the individuals below. It is not necessary to live in the Region where you will be attending, but can chose the closest.


Region 3 - Camp Dates July 7 - 9

              Contact: Harry Walker (845) 794-6752 or


Region 4 - Camp Dates July 8 & 9

              Contact: Ed Gorch (518) 755-6263 or


Region 6 - Camp Dates July 21 - 23

              Contact: Bill Snyder (315) 415-0966 or


Region 7 - Camp Dates July 8 - 9

              Contact: Jeff Stewart (607) 849-6718 or


Region 8 - Camp Dates June 23 - 25

              Contact: Jody Ferrara (585) 746-5097 or