How we operate as an Organization

NYB is organized on a county up basis. NYB has adopted the format of following the New York State Department of Environmental Conservationâ™s (DEC) state breakdown into various regions. Contiguous counties unite geographically to form regional groups, corresponding to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s nine regions. These nine regions within the state are made-up of the various counties found in NY. NYB has one or more regional representatives for each of the nine regions. Each of the counties found within a region will have one or more county representatives who will be in contact and work with the general members found within each county. County reps work with the general membership and the region representative for their area.

The region rep. coordinates the activities of the county reps and holds regional meetings for the county reps throughout the year. The regional representativesâ™ work with and then report to the board of directors and officers of the organization. Above the county and regional representatives there is a nine member Board of Directors, Secretary, Treasurer, First and Second Vice-President, and President. The Officers and B.O.D members of the organization are elected officials of the general membership. They are elected to represent all members of the organization and are entrusted in running it in an appropriate manner.

This flow of information creates a bottom up platform which allows direct input from the general membership and a top down platform for communication from the Officers and Board members with the general membership. Any member is free to contact their county or regional representative, board members or officers with their concerns about NYB, conservation, or bowhunting in NYS. New York Bowhunters, Inc (NYB) is structured as a Not-for Profit organization. Please see the organizational chart below;

NYB Organizational Chart

  • NYB Officers
  • Board of Directors
  • Regional Representative
  • County Representative
  • General Membership



Purpose For Which New York Bowhunters, Inc. Was Formed:
  1. To provide a forum for individuals and organizations interested in pursuing the art of bowhunting for game in a conscientious and sportsmanlike manner.
  2. To promote a positive image of bowhunting by encouraging the highest standard of sportsmanship and strengthen citizen-sportsman understanding.
  3. To develop, promote, and support an educational program of bowhunter safety, sportsmanship, conservation and wildlife management.
  4. To inform the public in general of the importance of wildlife management, conservation, and the role of the bowhunter toward this end.
  5. To develop greater outdoor opportunity for all, as essential to character building and physical well-being.
  6. To stimulate public interest in and appreciation of the importance of wildlife and other natural resources and the need for wisely using, conserving, restoring, and managing wildlife and other natural resources.
  7. To cooperate and assist other organizations with similar interests


All members of the Association shall adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Association.

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The Code of Ethics of the New York Bowhunters, Inc. shall be as follows:

  • No member of this Association shall speak officially for the Association before any group without first obtaining permission from the President, with consent of the Board of Directors.
  • No member shall criticize any other method of taking game provided that said method is legal under the laws of the State of New York.
  • All members shall uphold the stated purpose of this Association.
  • All members shall practice and adhere to the rules of fair chase when pursuing game with bow and arrow and shall uphold the game laws of the State of New York.
  • All members shall practice conservation of all wildlife and wildlife habitat.
  • Members shall strive to assist others in developing archery shooting skills and hunting techniques and to facilitate goodwill among all bowhunters.



NYB has several standing committees which work throughout the year on the various projects and duties bestowed upon them. Each committee has a chairman who oversees and runs the committee. The chair is responsible for providing updates to the Board of Directors and Officers of the organization on the status of their committee projects.

The following are NYB Standing Committees
  • Banquet
  • Camo to Camo
  • Elections
  • Legislative
  • Membership
  • Merchandise
  • Physically Challenged
  • Scholarship
  • Spikes (Youth Membership)
  • Urban Deer
  • Website
  • Youth Camp

NYB Officers, Board of Directors and Reps gather from regions across the entire state to conduct business at a recent meeting.

Standing L-R

Bill Hunter, Merritt Compton, Bob Brown, Jody Ferrara, Richard Kirschner, Ed Gorch, Chris Daley, Bill Snyder, David Colavito, Larry Hilderbrant

Sitting L-R

David Kosowski, Jim McSwigin, Annie Jacobs, Jeff Stewart, Kathy Armstrong


Harry Walker, Paul Willey, Andrew Cotraccia