Milestones, Accomplishments and NYB’s Work In Iraq


New York Bowhunters’ Accomplishments & Milestones

Established as an organization by 17 concerned, motivated and passionate bowhunters.


  • NYB membership reaches 4,000 members.
  • First Youth Education Day held at Turkey Trot Acres, Candor NY.
  • Sent members to (US Sportsmens Alliance) workshops to prepare the organization for the battles ahead with anti-hunting groups.

First annual Banquet held in Buffalo NY.

First Physically Challenged hunt held in Savannah NY.

All nine regions of NY were represented by NYB Regional Reps

Created the NYB Scholarship program.

First Youth hunt held outside of Syracuse NY fall 2002.

Rejuvenated our Junior Membership into the Spikes program.

Assisted in establishing a 3D archery range for the United States troops serving in Iraq.


  • Helped form North American Bowhunting Coalition made up of state, national and provincial bowhunting organizations thereby representing tens of thousands of bowhunters.
  • Signed up an unprecedented 340 members at Rockland County Outdoor Sport Show.
  • Established the CAMO to CAMO Program so our NYB members & friends could send gift boxes to our brave men & women overseas.  We want our young veterans to know their sacrifice is not forgotten and the freedom we all share here today is not free….someplace, somwhere, an American Patriot is paying the ultimate price….Lest We Forget! 

1,000 girls and boys completed NYB’s Youth Education Program since its inception.

Developed the program, Adaptive Equipment for the Aging and Physically Challenged Bowhunter.


  • Assisted (National Archery in Schools Program) NASP program being started in NY with money and instructor training.
  • First Wounded Veteran hunt as part of our Camo to Camo program.


  • Recipient of the prestigious Pope and Young Stewardship Award.
  • Recipient of the NYS Conservation Council Presidents Award.

Met with and established relationship with biologists at Cornell University to assist them with CWD prevention research.

NYB established an annual Archery Clinic at Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital at their the Adaptive Sports Expo for physically challenged patients. 

2,000+ Girls and boys completed NYB’s Youth Education Program since its inception.


Assisted Cornell University with their ongoing research into the Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) epidemic that has surfaced in many areas in NY.


Legislative Accomplishments


Supported Assembly Bill #A6970 that created the Modified Crossbow Permit for the physically challenged hunters.

Gained bowhunters the use of Deer Management Permits (DMPs) during last 10 days of the southern zone early bow season.

Allowed usage of Special 2nd deer (either sex) Tag during late bow season.

Added 6 more days of DMP use for bowhunters.
Use of Deer Management Assistance Permits (DMAPS) during bow seasons.

Allow use of smoothbore muzzleloaders during special seasons(prior rifled barrels only allowed).

Added one month to Suffolk County archery-only season (from Nov 1 to Oct 1 opener).
Changed definition of legal bow from arrow that can propel a legal broadhead 150 yards to a 35 lb. minimum draw weight.

In May NYB helped alter altered DEC Conservation Fund/deer management budget which included;
2nd tag (antler-less) for archers during early late special seasons in both zones.
Can use unfilled regular season buck only tag as an either sex tag during the special South Zone late seasons Sept. portion of North Zone season.
Can use regular season tag as an either sex tag in areas restricted to longbow only hunting, including regular season in Westchester Co. and any season in Suffolk Co.
Residents who purchase lifetime, big game licenses and move out of state can now purchase other big game licenses at resident fee rates.
Lowered fees for junior hunters and trappers.
Allow use of DMPs for junior archers and no extra fee charged
Junior archers can hunt during all the regular firearm seasons with either sex tag

Other accomplishments achieved by Fall of 2002 included;
DMP use for bowhunters expanded to the entire season.
Big game hunters can consign up to two DMPs to other hunters.
Hunters who have tagged-out may continue to participate in the hunt for the remainder of the big game seasons as long as they do not attempt to shoot at another deer.
Supported passage of DEC Automated License System (DECALS).
Expanded use of DMAPS from 2 to 4 tags per hunter in Regions 8 and 9.

Defeated blaze orange Bill #(S1977/A8784) during regular season in archery-only areas of the state.

Allow for use of DMPs during archery seasons by non-resident hunters. 
Passage of venison donation fund bill, allowing for volunteer contribution of $1 when purchasing sporting licenses.
Added approximately 2 weeks to the beginning of Westchester Co. archery-only season (from Nov. 1st to match the Southern Zone season).
Expand black bear hunting opportunities in the Catskill and Allegany ranges
Defeat DEC proposal for a youth (16 and17 year old) firearm deer hunt on 2nd last weekend of southern zone, early archery season.

Prevented DEC from placing a muzzleloader season into or before Southern Zone archery-only season.

Successfully lobbied to lower the legal bowhunting age in NYS to 12 years old.

Successfully lobbied to open the Southern Zone Archery season on October 1st, adding 13 days and 1 weekend on average.

Helped extend the Northern Zone Archery season by 1 week at end of season 30% of the time.

Allow archers to hunt during Northern Zone Muzzleloading season.

Bow and muzzleload hunters can use DMP’s in northern zone.

Begin the license year on September 1st, thus accommodating those hunting seasons that open in September. 
Lowering the bow and muzzleloading license fees for both resident and non-resident hunters.

Reduced the discharge distance in which a bow can be fired from an occupied dwelling from 500 to 150 feet.

Lower bow & muzzleloader license fees for resident and non-resident hunters.

Move the beginning of the license year from Oct. 1st to Sept. 1st to avoid conflict with September hunt seasons.


Successfully lobbied DEC to remove “Two week antlerless only” restriction in the 12 WMU’s affected.


Other Legislative Accomplishments

  • Established numerous contacts with state legislators, acting as their resource on bow issues. Meeting with them on a regular basis.
  • Established a working relationship with the DEC. Meeting with them on a regular basis.
  • Kept the crossbow out of the archery-only seasons & areas of the state.
  • Promoted the harvest of antler-less deer to assist the DEC in management objectives.
  • Established urban deer management archery hunts in various parts of the state – Irondequoit, Painted Post and Albany, NY; while preserving and promoting other programs in Westchester & Suffolk Counties.
  • Established legislative E-Mail Alert System.


General Organization Accomplishments

  • Continually fighting the anti-hunter movement. Examples; participated in a demonstration on Long Island to counter the anti-hunters protesting the opening of bow season. Attended a county legislature meeting where anti hunters had assembled to mislead our elected officials.
  • Have opposed the anti-hunters attempts to promote use of contraceptives to control deer herds.
  • Thousands of dollars donated to promote various hunter education programs.
  • Developed Camo to Camo program which sends gift boxes to American troops serving in the Mid-east. To date over 892 boxes ( 5 tons!) have been shipped! Program also sends wounded veterans on free hunts.
  • Provides specialized equipment for physically challenged individuals.
  • NYB has donated thousands of dollars and our members have volunteered thousands of hours to various charities throughout New York State including (and not limited to) the American Red Cross, Hunt of a Lifetime, American Cancer Society.
  • Since its inception NYB has been a contributor to the NYS Venison Donation Coalition program.
  • Offers opportunities for members to participate in Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup Programs and other community based projects.
  • Working with game biologists at Cornell University to assure maximum deer herd health in NY state.

(All of the above have been accomplished with volunteers. Participation in any of the various programs is not mandatory. Your yearly dues support the most active bowhunting organization in NY. Those that wish to become more involved certainly are welcomed to do so.)



New York Bowhunters at Work in Iraq

Tupper Lake Archer and NYB Region 5 Representative, Mike Savage, spearheaded an effort to get targets and equipment donated and sent to the troops in Iraq. Mike started the project after reading a letter in the January-February issue of Bowhunter magazine, written by Major Robert Gwinner of the U.S. Army’s 8th Infantry, 1st Battalion. In the letter, Maj. Gwinner stated that he was building a small bow range adjacent to his unit’s small-arms practice range. He also described archery as “a good break for our soldiers.” Mike responded to Maj. Gwinner by e-mail and stated that the Tupper Lake Archers wanted to donate a target and he then inquired about what other archery items the troops needed to complete their archery range. Very soon an e-mail was received with a wish list that included arrows, field tips, practice broadheads, releases, targets and other gear. Through Mikes efforts, donations of cash and merchandise came pouring in and several packages of archery related gear found their way into Iraq. The result is a range at the forward position of a fire zone; currently home for these heroes. The infantry men in the photos below were on duty in Balad Iraq, about 50 miles north of Baghdad in the middle of the Sunni Triangle.