Camo to Camo Program


NYB was made aware that a US Army Major in Iraq was hoping to build a bow range. He felt archery would provide a “good break” for his soldiers. Our members responded by getting targets & equipment donated and sent to our troops. (For the full story take a look at “NYB at Work in Iraq” on our Accomplishments page.) This developed into our “Camo to Camo” committee which started a “gift box” program that annually sends hundreds of pounds of gift boxes to American troops serving in the Middle East.  To date over 960 boxes (over 7 tons!) have been shipped. Take a look below at our Letters From Our Troops to see how appreciated NYB is for this effort. The “Camo to Camo” program expanded to sending wounded veterans on free hunts. NYB is proud to be able to offer these benefits to our brave young Americans keeping all of us safe. For program information or if you would like to make a gift box donation please contact:   Ed Gorch at

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