Why should You Join NYB?

  • Your membership includes quarterly issues of Full Draw Magazine, the official publication of New York Bowhunters (NYB) delivered to your home, including free classified ads, informative reports, stories and photographs, membership card, annual decal.
  • Your membership will help us retain the days of bowhunting that had been lost, and regained.
  • NYB protects your bow hunting rights and privileges from the anti hunters and the animal rights groups. NYB engages these groups, continually defending your bowhunting. Help us fight for you.
  • Bowhunters enjoy a much longer season throughout the entire state because of NYB’s hard and dedicated work.
  • Bowhunters don’t have to wear hunter orange while bow hunting, because of NYB efforts.
  • As a Southern Zone Bowhunter, you don’t have the intrusion of muzzleloaders during the archery-only season. Why, because of NYB.
  • Because of NYB, 12 year olds can now bowhuunt. Your children and grand children will continue to enjoy an archery-only season. Why, because of NYB’s commitment to educating our youth.
  • Bowhunters can continue to use deer management permits during the entire early archery-only seasons. NYB was instrumental in securing this privilege.
  • Bowhunters can now fill unused special season or doe tags with bow and arrow during the late archery season. Why, because NYB spent years advocated for the privilege.
  • Bowhunters have an organization that works closely with the DEC & Cornell University on chronic wasting disease and other important wildlife conservation issues here in NYS. Why, because it affects all bowhunters.
  • By joining NYB, you can help us insure that you keep these bowhunting opportunities and privileges long into the future.
  • NYB needs you to help us fight your fight. Join NYB and prevent the sport you love from being eroded.
  • You can make a difference. Help yourself and the sport you love by joining NYB. Become part of the solution that preserves our bowhunting past, protects our bowhunting future and enhances opportunities afield for you and all of New York’s Bowhunters.




NYB Factoids:

  1. NYB is part of the decision making process, playing a pivotal and critical role in the policies set forth by both the DEC and the state government in regard to bowhunting regulations and state laws.
  2. NYB assists physically challenged bowhunters to get back into the woods with bow and arrow, where they want to be, where they belong.
  3. NYB gets youth involved with SPIKES membership, youth camps, shoots, youth hunts, as well as Bowhunter Education and Certification.
  4. NYB successfully lobbied to lower the legal bowhunting age in NYS to 12 years old.
  5. If youre a Bowhunter and you live in New York, then you already are a New York Bowhunter. So why not join NYB, the organization ensuring your right to bow hunt in NYS?
  6. Besides fighting to keep the archery-only season for archers using hand held bows, NYB was also instrumental in getting archery-only areas opened earlier (Westchester & Suffolk Counties), giving the Bowhunter more time in the woods.
  7. Whether you hunt private land, public land or even archery-only areas. If the Archery Season is shortened, taken away, or becomes usurped with other weapons, it affects you too. NYB defends bow seasons.
  8. Throughout the bow season, you can take an antlerless deer without having to use your buck tag or having to purchase another tag. NYB was responsible for this change.

Remember, its YOUR season that is at stake here.
If you are a serious Bowhunter, why not be part of the solution and join NYB?